Our Experience



What Makes Us Different..

 Our owner, Mike McDaniel, is a 5th generation native of Colorado Springs with vast knowledge of the city. 

 He has nearly 35 years of experience in the local construction industry and over 16 years in the plumbing industry.
We are a family business, with a knowledgeable, friendly staff.
At Pikes Peak Plumbing we believe in bettering the industry through fair prices and integrity!
We stand behind every job we do.

Mike McDaniel is:
-A longstanding member of the Pikes Peak Mechanical Contractors Association.
-A fully licensed contractor with Pikes Peak Regional Building Department and the state of Colorado.
-A state licensed plumbing contractor as well as a gas contractor.
-An expert at boiling and gas pipe installations.
-A longstanding member of  The Apartment Association of Southern Colorado
-Constantly dealing with large apartment communities and full operating systems.